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How do I get Mumble?

Visit the official Mumble website and select the download for your operating system.

How do I connect to my new server?

Simply start your Mumble client. Once started, click the "Add New..." button. Then enter the host and port of your new Mumble server, you may find this information on your control panel. You may optionally give your server a "Label", this is how it will show up on the Mumble server list when you start your Mumble client. Click "OK" to confirm the entry of the new server. You may now connect to your server. It is recommended that you now register your account and give yourself admin priviledges.

How do I register my account?

Connect to your Mumble server, once connected select Self -> Register. You will have to confirm that you want to use your name on the server permanently (though it can be removed by a server Admin or SuperUser later).

How do I use the administrative SuperUser account?

Disconnect from your Mumble server if you are currently on it and pull up the Connect dialog (Server -> Connect). In the connect dialog, select your server and press Edit, change the username to SuperUser and provide the password which you received after signup or the password you set. If you need to change your SuperUser password you may do so at any time in the control panel. Once this is done, click the "OK" button and connect to the server. After you're connected as SuperUser, you can perform administrative actions such as adding/removing channels and changing permissions. You may also use this to grant your regular user account administrative privileges.

How do I become an administrator when using my registered user account?

First you must connect to your Mumble server and register your user account then disconnect reconnect to your Mumble server under the "SuperUser" account, if you have not done so yet and need assistance please see the relevant preceding questions. Once logged in, you must right click on the root channel (the one with your server's name) and choose Edit. In the edit dialog, go to the "Groups" tab and select the "admin" group from the drop down list. Once this is done, type your username in the box under the "Members" column and click the "Add" button beside it. Click "OK" to confirm the changes to the admin group. Once you assign your registered account as admin, you will be able to reconnect to the server using your account and perform administrative tasks.

How do I make channels?

Once you are a registered admin you will be able to connect to the server and right click on the root channel and choose 'Add'. Type in the name of the channel you would like and optionally set permissions. Once this is done simply press 'OK' and the channel will be created. You may also create "temporary" channels, these channels will be automatically removed when they are empty.

How do I change permissions?

Simply right click the root channel click 'Edit' -> go to the 'Groups' tab and select the group you would like to change permissions for from the dropdown menu. You can then add users to this group. To change the entire group's permissions - go to the ACL tab and select the group you would like to modify and select the permissions on the right hand pane using the checkboxes. Once this is done you may edit your channels and assign specific groups permissions as needed. Mumble offers an extremely powerful and flexible permission system, but it can be a bit confusing at first. For further detail, feel free to check out the Mumble wiki's documentation.

How do I move my server to a different location?

There's an option in the Advanced section of the control panel that will let you perform a full migration of your server. You can use this as often as you'd like, anywhere you'd like.

How do I cancel my server?

Click the cancel button in your server control panel, you will be walked through the cancellation process.

One of my users can't connect to my server, but others can. What should I do?

Please make sure that the user trying to connect is using the most recent version of the Mumble client and has correctly configured your server on it. If that all checks out, make sure that the user is not connecting from a restrictive network. Common restrictive networks include some workplace, school and mobile networks. If you need help diagnosing this or other issues, please feel free to contact support. We'll need you to provide us with the connecting IP address of the client so we may diagnose possible routing issues. You may obtain this by having the user visit

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