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24/7 Support

We understand that you could be anywhere in the world, which is why we always have people standing by to help you out.

We generally answer most support questions within the hour, and also offer a helpful FAQ and powerful control panel to allow for even less reliance on our excellent support team.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our top-notch quality in every way, whether it be our reliability, support, features or competitive pricing.

If for any reason you want aren't satisfied with our service, let us know! We value you as a customer and will do whatever it takes to help. If however we cannot help, we will offer you a full refund before 14 days, risk-free, no questions asked.

 Domain Selection Freedom

We offer more ways to easily customize your hostname than anyone else, with a choice of our domains or yours.

Like others, we give you the ability to select your own Mumbl.io subdomain. Where we differ is giving you the choice of a subdomain from multiple domains, or using a domain you own, without sacrificing your default port or Mumbl.io reliability! Contact us if you want to use your own domain with us and we'll be happy to help.

Precise Idle Timer

Move idle users to any channel on your server, optionally with a message, down to the millisecond.

Other providers allow you to set an away timer, but only check every 5 minutes, meaning a 1 minute idle timer could potentially become 6 minutes. With Mumbl.io, a 1 minute timer is always 1 minute, without exception.

Incredible Reliability

We only pick the very best providers for our servers, ensuring you have uptime when it's the most important: Always!

We have an excellent track record for having amazing uptime, and heavily employ uptime monitoring on all of our systems to ensure that your Mumble experience is the smoothest with us.

Default Mumble Ports

Never worry about giving someone a randomly generated port again, without resorting to paying crazy amounts or hosting yourself!

A first in Mumble history, we are able to provide every server with the default port, making your server look more official and respectable. For anybody restricted behind firewalls, we also offer connections to the very same servers via port 443. This requires no plugin and works with any existing Mumble client.

Full Server Migration

If your clan is moving to a new city, or you just feel you could be better served by a different location, you can migrate your server.

Unlike with many other Mumble providers, you don't have to compromise by losing all of your settings on migration - our migrations will transfer absolutely everything down to the detail. We also allow unlimited migrations any time of the day from the control panel!

Registrations are temporarily disabled due to an unexpectedly high demand. We're working quickly to allow you to sign up! Please check back soon.

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